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Intro To Canvas Videos

By Rutgers Instructional Design

Part 1: Covering navigating your Canvas dashboard and to-do list, global and course navigation, and course settings. This quick overview is recommended for first-time Canvas users, to help get you started as soon as you sign in!

Part 2: Covering basic course setup, such as creating your homepage, adding your syllabus, and creating new modules. This video will begin to familiarize you with Canvas’ Rich Content Editor, as well as how to use Modules to organize your course content.

Part 3: Covering the basics creating and editing assignments, discussions, and quizzes. It will touch briefly on the settings of each, and then introduce how to embed content such as an image or video.

Part 4: Covering assignment groups, student groups, student view, and grades. This video will summarize how to weight your grades, how to view student submissions, and how to get started grading using the Canvas Speedgrader.