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File Storage in Canvas

By default, each course has 5GB (5000MB) of storage space in Canvas. Files that count against the storage limit include:

  • Discussions: Attachments added to discussions count against course quotas. Attachments added to discussion replies do not count against course quotas.
  • Media Files: Canvas converts video and audio files up to 500 MB through the Media tool. If a file exceeds the 500 MB limit, it can be hosted through an external source and embedded using the Rich Content Editor.
  • Rich Content Editor: Newly recorded or uploaded media via the Upload/Record Media link does not affect file quotas. However, media files uploaded via any other method (such as the Upload Files link) count toward the course quota.

Increasing your Canvas course’s storage limit will require a consult to evaluate file storage usage. If you are currently storing Zoom/Webex recording in Canvas Files, additional storage increase will be denied.

Please contact the help desk to increase your Canvas storage limit.

Alternative File Storage options

Rutgers offers alternative storage options available for faculty, staff, and students. These services have unlimited storage and are directly integrated into Canvas. It is advised that media files should be uploaded into the My Media tool in your Canvas course.

My Media (Kaltura)

My Media is where users can securely create, upload, and share rich media content. Faculty and Staff using Canvas can access their My Media account on course navigation.

Embedding Media from the Canvas Rich Content Editor:

  1. On a Canvas Page or Assignment, click on the plug icon in the Rich Content Editor and select Embed Kaltura Media to open My Media. (Screenshot)
    • If the option is not listed, click VIEW ALL to find Embed Kaltura Media
  2. In My Media, you can SELECT an existing video or ADD NEW media files.
  3. When the media is uploading, update the Name and Description. We recommend labeling the Conferences and Zoom Recordings with dates.
  4. After the upload is completed, click SAVE AND EMBED to add the video on your Text editor.

Video: How to move Zoom Recordings Into My Media


Media Gallery (Kaltura)

Media Gallery is the place, within a course, where you can choose and post videos from your My Media collection for your students to view, in the context of the course.

If you have never used Media Gallery, you may need to add the link to your course navigation. See How do I manage Course Navigation links? for instructions.

Adding Media to your Media Gallery:

  1. From the Media Gallery you will be able to SELECT existing videos from My Media (Kaltura) or ADD NEW media files.
  2. After uploading/selecting the videos you want to add to your course, click PUBLISH.
  3. The videos will now display on your course’s Media Gallery.



Instructors can add files from their Box accounts into Canvas Pages and Modules or utilize the embed functionality within your courses. To get started, check your Rutgers Services and make sure you have an active Box account.

If you have never used Box in Canvas, you may need to add the link to your course navigation. See How do I manage Course Navigation links? for instructions.

  1. Open Box from your Course Navigation to start uploading your files. Creating folders is a good way to organize your content by course or content type.
  2. Once your files are uploaded to your Box account, you can LINK individual files to a Page/Module or EMBED a files/folders to your Canvas Site.


Office 365 (OneDrive)

Instructors can use the OneDrive from their Rutgers Connect account. Files can be uploaded to the Canvas Office 365 app and then create a hyperlink to that document anywhere you can use the Rich Content Editor in Canvas. Several features in Canvas support the Rich Content Editor, including Announcements, Assignments, Discussions, Pages, Quizzes, and Syllabus.

For more information on OneDrive visit the Rutgers IT page: Microsoft OneDrive and Canvas Integration.


Google Drive (ScarletApps)

Google Drive is available for staff and faculty through ScarletApps (Google). Similar to Box, Google Drive can add files into Canvas Pages and Modules or utilize the embed functionality within your courses. Files can be uploaded to Google Drive and linked using the Rich Content Editor in Canvas or External Tool.

Users looking to use their Google accounts may need to add an additional email to their Canvas account. Please read the Google LTI – User Account Best Practices.