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Zoom – Office Hours Across Many Canvas Courses

This guide will demonstrate how you can host office hours using one recurring Zoom meeting across many Canvas courses by taking advantage of the Calendar tool to let students sign up for appointments in advance.

To use Rutgers Zoom, NetID users must activate their Zoom accounts in the Rutgers Service Activation Portal.


  1. Log into the Rutgers Zoom Web Portal with your NetID.

    Note The meeting should not be created within Canvas or the meeting event will be created for just one course.

  2. Select Meetings, and then Schedule a Meeting.

    Zoom schedule meeting image

  3. Enter meeting date, time, and any other settings. For office hours, create a recurring meeting, and enable the Waiting Room option so that you can meet with students one at a time.

    Enter meeting details and callout for waiting room

  4. Click Save.
  5. Copy the Zoom Invite Link.

    Copy meeting invite link but not the meeting invitation

  6. Log into Canvas and go to the Calendar tool.
  7. Click the “+” button at the top, then select the appointment group option.
  8. Enter your meeting details to match your Zoom Meeting information.

  9. Paste the Zoom invite link in the details section.
  10. You can choose to share the meeting with multiple courses. This will allow you to draw students from multiple courses while only setting up one recurring Office Hours meeting.

    Appointment group shared to more than one course