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Zoom – Getting Started for Students

What is Zoom?

Zoom is a cloud-based web conferencing service that supports video, voice, content sharing, and chat across on any device. Zoom is available to all Rutgers faculty, staff, and students on the left hand navigation of Canvas courses or through the Rutgers Zoom Web portal at rutgers.zoom.us

Getting Started with Zoom

  1. Enable Zoom via the Rutgers Service Activation Portal. Zoom accounts are created with email addresses with the format of netid@rutgers.edu 
  2. Review settings by visiting the Rutgers Zoom Web Portal.
    1. Customize your profile by adding an image or add a virtual background.
    2. Enable audio transcription, waiting room, and review Waiting Room email notifications.
  3.  Download the Zoom desktop or mobile app.
  4.  Review the Zoom Quick Start Guide.

Best Practices for Zoom Meetings in your Canvas Course

  1. Always use your Rutgers Zoom account. Login at Rutgers Zoom Web portal at rutgers.zoom.us and click sign-in with SSO. Advance meeting settings require all participants to use accounts from the same license.  You must use your Rutgers Zoom account; not a personal account or an employer-provided account.
  2. Use the desktop or mobile app! If your instructor opts to use pre-assigned breakout rooms, you must use the Zoom app.  Joining from the browser will not work.Join Zoom Meetings from the App and not the Browser
  3. Remember your Zoom ID is netid@rutgers.edu. Your Zoom ID has been created as netid@rutgers.edu.  This is an alias listed under Manage Email Addresses in the NetID Service Activation Portal.
  4. Make sure your Zoom app is up to date.  (How do I update my Zoom app?)

So Many Ways to Join a Meeting in Canvas

If a Zoom meeting is scheduled in Canvas, you may join the meeting by clicking in Join link:

  • In your Rutgers Zoom Web portal at rutgers.zoom.us.
  • In the desktop app.
  • In Zoom available in your Canvas course navigation.
  • From the Canvas Calendar event.
  • From the Canvas Dashboard.
  • By copying the meeting url from your Canvas Inbox message.
  • By copying the meeting url from your notification for Canvas Calendar events and Inbox messages.