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Voicethread – How to relink your Voicethread content

Voicethread accounts are based on email addresses.  For instructors who may have changed their email address in Canvas to use Zoom, you will need to temporarily change it back to your original email address before you access the new integration to ensure your Canvas account is linked to your Voicethread account.

On Friday, May 14, 2021, the Voicethread integration was upgraded to use the latest learning tools standards. Existing Voicethread content created in Canvas will need to be edited to use the newest integration.  When instructors and course editors import course content into a new course site, please review your Voicethread content after course import before student submissions begin.  Changing the Voicethread content to point to the new integration after student submissions will create two Voicethreads and is not recommended.

    1. Log into Canvas and navigate to your course.
    2. Verify your email address by accessing your existing Voicethread content and make sure your default email address matches.
      1. Navigate to your existing Voicethread content to view the item.  Make note of the displayed email address.
      2. Click Account in global navigation menu.
      3. Click Settings.
      4. The default email address (denoted with a star) will be used by Voicethread.  If it does not match the email address used in the deprecated integration, please change the default email address or add it as a new email address and set it as the default email address. You may change it back later.
        Canvas user settings and Voicethread content with indicators of where to click.
    3. Navigate to your existing Voicethread content and edit the external tool:
      1. External tool added to Canvas Modules must be removed from Modules and re-added:
        1. Click the 3 dots next to the item.
        2. Click Remove.
        3. Click the + sign to add an item to the module.
        4. In the Add item to dialog, select External Tool from the drop down menu.
        5. Select Voicethread.
        6. Add a name for the content item.
        7. Click Add Item
          add item to dialog with external tools listed
        8. In the Link Resources dialog, setup the Voicethread link to match the old link.
          Voicethread content selection options
      2. External tool Assignment
        1. Navigate to and view your existing Canvas Assignment.
        2. Click Edit Assignment Settings.
        3. In the Submission Type section, click Find.
        4. Click Voicethread in the Configure External Tool.
          Configure External Tool
        5. In the Link Resources dialog, setup the Voicethread link and follow prompts within Voicethread to link to your existing content or create a copy.
          Voicethread content selection options
        6. Click Select in the Link to External Tool dialog.
        7. Click Save in the Canvas Assignment.
    1. Verify your content.
    2. If you had to change your default email, you may change it back and it will not affect your Voicethread account.