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TurnItIn – Feedback Studio Overview for Students and Instructors

Turnitin is the most effective online technology used to manage the submission, tracking and evaluation of student papers online. Turnitin provides originality checking, interactive grading and peer review, allows instructors to deliver rich, personalized feedback in less time, encouraging notably higher levels of student engagement. The turnitin integration allows grade sync and single sign-on.

Students submitting assignments through Turnitin will be notified that when uploading an assignment that there will be an originality report will be generated after their paper has been reviewed by Turnitin. An originality report with a score will be produced and returned to the student, showing on a 0 to 100 scale, along with a color code to show how similar the student’s submission is compared to Turnitin’s database.

For Rutgers Canvas instructors, instructions for how to use Turnitin FeedBack Studio are available by importing a Turnitin Set-up Module and Documentation into your course from Rutgers Canvas Commons.

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