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REGIS Warning GradeSync

This page describes how an instructor will use REGIS Warning GradeSync to send warning grades and comments from Canvas to REGIS.

Instructors looking to submit final grades can use Final GradeSync.

REGIS Warning GradeSync Requirements

  • The Warning Period is open in REGIS.
  • The Canvas course site contains at least one section tied to one REGINDEX in REGIS.
  • The Canvas instructor’s NetID is enrolled in the Canvas site as a Canvas Teacher, TA, Facilitator, Course Support.
  • The Canvas instructor is assigned with a role of Grader or higher for the REGIS section.
  • The Canvas instructor has an active faculty or staff role for the current semester.


Warning GradeSync

Warning grades can be submitted and changed during open warning period. If a different warning grade is resubmitted, it will overwrite the existing warning grade.

Some schools may require warning grades to be submitted by the registrar office. If you have not used REGIS to submit warning grades in the past, please confirm with your department before using the Canvas Warning GradeSync tool.


Instructions for Warning GradeSync

    1. In the course navigation, click RU Faculty Tools.  If RU Faculty Tools is not listed, please enable it in the course navigation.
    2. Click Launch GradeSync.
    3. REGIS GradeSync will open in a new tab.
      Screenshot of Canvas Faculty Tools
    4. Review the GradeSync Requirements and click Launch Warning GradeSync on the selection page to proceed to the roster.
      REGIS GradeSync Selection Page
    5. Review the GradeSync Terms of Use and click I accept.Warning GradeSync Terms of Use
    6. Enter the Warning Codes and Comments for your students. Example of entering warning codes and comments into Warning GradeSync
    7. Click Submit Warning Grades.
    8. On the submission page, you will see a message that the Warning Grades were successfully submitted and the status of each student.Warning GradeSync submission confirmation pageIf you do not meet the minimum user requirements to use GradeSync, you will receive an error message.
      1. [RESP CODE 401] You are not an assigned REGIS Grader for this section – You do not have REGIS access to post grades for this section. Ask your academic unit for access.
      2. [RESP CODE 403] You must have a REGIS Grader role for this section – You do not have REGIS access to post grades for this section. Ask your academic unit for access.
      3. [RESP CODE 409] No grades may be posted during a closed Warning or Grading Period – The grading period is not open. Refer to Grading Period dates in REGIS.
      4. [RESP CODE 500] REGIS Internal server error for the section [{0}]’s grade submission – Retry your submission.
    9. During the open warning period, warning grades can be submitted multiple times. If a warning grade is changed and resubmitted, it will overwrite the existing warning grade.
    10. You may Return to Warning Grades or log into REGIS directly to verify grade submissions, resolve any issues, and make changes.


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