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ProctorTrack – FAQs

Please review the questions below concerning common concerns with student data and technical issues.

All student data will be kept confidential at all times. Proctortrack is fully compliant with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), as well as their own stringent data privacy policies.  Proctortrack data is stored in secure databases and will never be sold or provided to any third parties. Student exam data is deleted 90 days after exams are completed (based on agreement with Rutgers). Onboarding data is deleted after 365 days. Disputed exams will be kept longer. At this time, students will receive email notification confirming that all proctoring data has been permanently purged from the servers.

If you have any concerns about your data and privacy, you may view the policies on the Verificient website: Privacy Policy and FERPA.  Also, feel please free to contact the Proctortrack team at

The Proctortrack software does not access any of the files on a student’s hard-drive.  Proctortrack will access the audio and video outputs and take screenshots recorded only during an exam.  During exams, student webcam videos are not streamed live to anyone. They are only captured and stored locally until they are uploaded in segments to the ProctorTrack servers for automated analysis.

Once student data is captured and uploaded to Proctortrack’s secure servers, it is analyzed automatically by algorithms to identify any possible anomalies in breaches to test policies. If there are any test policy breaches, the data relevant to those breaches will be sent to the course instructor, and will be stored in the Rutgers learning management system (LMS).

All student data will be automatically deleted from Proctortrack servers within 60 days of the final exam of the course (based on the requirements agreed upon).  Students will receive an email notifying that all proctoring data has been permanently purged from the Verificient servers.

Verificient operates in compliance to federal laws, including FERPA (Family Education Rights and Privacy Act), FTC (Federal Trade Commission), as well as their own strict internal compliance standards. Penalties for privacy violations are severe and taken very seriously at Verificent. The Proctortrack software is being implemented for the Rutgers Online programs, to ensure Rutgers University is in compliance of mandated standards set by Congress and enacted by US Department of Education. These standards require all online programs which receive financial aid to have identity verification and authentication processes in place.

Much like an in-class exam, instructors determine the rules of the exam. The Proctortrack software uses those rules as guidelines to determine if infractions have occurred.  It is the responsibility of the instructor to review the data presented and determine if an academic integrity infraction has occurred.  Following University guidelines, the infractions may be resolved by the instructor or through the University adjudication process. Please refer to the Rutgers Office of Student Conduct website for definitions of violations of academic integrity.

Proctortrack was evaluated in a pilot period in Fall 2014 at Rutgers and has been used ever since. The service was made available University-wide for Spring 2015.  Proctortrack is not new untested software.  Currently, it is used at other schools including the University of South Florida.

In case of a power-failure or system crash, you will need to restart the test again in exactly the same way as if you are taking the test afresh. Proctortrack once started will first upload any remaining data from before the system crashed and then will continue.

If Canvas is not allowing you to take the test again because your prior attempt was finalized and submitted, then please contact your instructor to re-open the test for you or to allow you a re-take.

  • USF
  • USC
  • Maryville University
  • UNT Health Science Center
  • Cornell
  • St. George’s University Medical School

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If you receive an error saying ‘waiting for details from browser’, this occurs when the download page for Proctortrack is either closed or expires. To prevent this from occurring when you download the software, leave the tab open which helps Proctortrack to establish the connection with your browser. Proctortrack has an article on how to advance past the download screen which explains it.