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PlayPosit – Create your Account

Rutgers MediaSpace, powered by Kaltura, and Kaltura integrated in Canvas are integrated into PlayPosit.  Users can create learning experiences around previously recorded videos from MediaSpace.

To create a PlayPosit account associated with the Rutgers license, course instructors will need to launch PlayPosit in Canvas first.  When you are creating a bulb and choose to add a Kaltura video to your bulb, you will see your Kaltura videos.

Create an External Tool Assignment for PlayPosit

  1. Login to Canvas and navigate to the course you would like to connect to PlayPosit.
  2. Select Assignments from the left column menu and add a new assignment.
    Assignments and +Assignments highlighted
  3. Enter “PlayPosit Setup” in the Assignment Name field.
  4. Scroll down to Submission Type.
    1. Select External Tool.
    2. Find and select PlayPosit from the pop-up menu.Select External Tool and find Plaposit
  5. Scroll down and Save the assignment.
  6. The page will refresh with Playposit dashboard displayed.  New users may create your first bulb (A), copy and assign the PlayPosit Learner Experience bulb for this assignment (B), or click the menu next to add new (C) for advanced bulb types. Users are encouraged to view their PlayPosit User Account to establish a password for to access the PlayPosit standalone website, and set Bulb defaults including points and privacy.