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Library Tutorials – Instructor Quick Start Guide

The following are items to do or consider doing when setting up a Library Tutorials course for use:

  1. Each assignment (e.g., lesson, quiz, activity) in the course is unpublished (i.e., in a draft state). Once you have imported the course, please review all content and publish the assignments that you would like your students to see.
  2. Each assignment has been set up with 0 points. To make an assignment required, or to include quiz assessment in your course grade, you will need to change the points and due date. If you would like to set the point value and make other edits, such as setting due dates and assignment availability, edit the assignment. You may change the assignment group according to your course assignment breakdown as described in your syllabus.
  3. You are encouraged to move the assignments to the appropriate modules in your course so that they work cohesively with your topics. Change the order of the assignments to align with your syllabus.
  4. There are four citations styles addressed in the Information Literacy course. If only certain styles are appropriate for your discipline, you are free to select and publish the assignments for just those styles if you wish.