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Kaltura – How do I re-upload media recorded with Kaltura Capture?

This page describes how users can re-upload media that was created with Kaltura Capture. Users may use this feature to publish an existing recording to multiple instances of Kaltura or to re-upload an entry that may have failed to process correctly.

This feature is available for Kaltura Capture versions 4.2.78 and higher.

  1. Open Kalture Capture.
  2. Click Manage.Kaltura Capture application with Manage option highlighted
  3. In the Library, scroll to find the desired recording.
  4. Click Re-Upload.Kaltura Capture Library with re-upload button highlighted
  5. Navigate to My Media to verify that an additional copy of the entry has been uploaded.My Media with original and recent entry displayed

Frequently Asked Questions

To automatically update Kaltura Capture, launch the application.  The application must be on and unused for 15 minutes.  A notification will appear that Kaltura Capture has been updated.

To verify the version number,

  1. Click Manage.
  2. Click the information icon.

No, the re-upload feature creates a new media entry.  It will not replace an existing entry.

If you have embedded your media in your course site or on a webpage and would like to use a recently re-uploaded entry, you will need to re-embed or re-link your media to the recent entry.

You will need to log out of Kaltura Capture and re-pair the desktop application to the second instance of Kaltura.

To log out:

  1. Launch Kaltura Capture.
  2. Click Manage.
  3. Click the information icon.
  4. Click Sign Out.
  5. Confirm sign out.

To re-pair your desktop application to the second instance of Kaltura:

  1. Navigate to the target/second instance of Kaltura and log in either through MediaSpace or My Media in your learning management system.
  2. Click Add New.
  3. Click Kaltura Capture.
  4. Click Open Kaltura Capture (as prompted by your browser).
  5. Follow the directions above to re-upload your media to the second instance of Kaltura.