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Kaltura – How do I add Kaltura content to my Canvas course?

There are three Kaltura integrations in Rutgers Canvas.  Kaltura Browse-search-embed allows users to embed Kaltura media within native Canvas content that is created with the Rich Content Editor (RCE). The RCE is available for instructors in Classic Quizzes, Announcements, Pages, Assignments, Discussions, and Syllabus; for students, the RCE is available in Discussion responses, Assignment submissions, and tools in Group spaces such as group Pages, group Announcements, and group Discussions. Kaltura Media Gallery provides a central location for all media shared to a central repository (without context) in your course site.  Kaltura in-video provides a quizzing overlay to your Kaltura media. This article provides directions to share your Kaltura media within the context of your course via Browse-Search-Embed.

  1. Log into Rutgers Canvas.
  2. Navigate to your Canvas course or group space.
  3. Create new (or edit existing) Canvas content:
    1. Instructors:
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      6. How do I create a quiz with individual questions?
    2. Students:
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  4. Using the Rich Context Editor, place your cursor in the place you would like to add your Kaltura media.
    1. How do I add and modify text in the Rich Content Editor as an instructor?
    2. How do I add and modify text in the Rich Content Editor as a student?

Canvas Rich Content Editor with cursor in-line highlited.

  1. Click Apps in the toolbar.

Canvas RCE toolbar with Apps icon highlighted

If your browser window is narrow, you may have to click on the More (1) icon (3 dots) to expand the toolbar then click Apps (2).  Alternatively, you may use the RCE menu and click Tools > Apps > Embed Kaltura Media.

Canvas RCE toolbar with more and apps icon highlighted.

  1. A pop-up will appear.  Scroll down (1) or search (2) for Embed Kalura Media.  Click Embed Kaltura Media.

Pop-up window with search, scroll bar and Kaltura highlighted.

Once you use an external app located in the Apps menu, Embed Kaltura Media will appear as a shortcut in the dropdown (V) menu (1) to the right of Apps.

Apps menu shortcut expanded to show Embed Kaltura Media and other external apps.

  1. In the Embed Kaltura Media pop-up, you may search for (1) your video, embed your section (2), or click for more embed options (3).

Canvas Embed Kaltura Media button with indicators

  1. If you select the gear icon, you are presented with embed settings to choose a player (1), designate an embed size (2), and set these as your default settings (3). Once configured, click </> Embed button (4). Autoplay is not recommended.

    Embed Kaltura Settings menu with options to customize embedded media

Selected size    Dimension (px)
Large 608 x 402
Medium 400 x 285
Small 304 x 231


  1. The pop-up window will close and Kaltura media selected will display in the Rich Content Editor.

A Canvas page with text and embedded Kaltura media in all 3 sizes.

  1. Add any additional text or content.  Scroll down and click Save.
  2. Your selected Kaltura media will be displayed as part of the Canvas content you created.


Instructor Note:

It is recommended that Canvas tools (Pages, Quizzes, Assignments, and Discussions) are hidden in the course navigation and content items are added to modules.