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WileyPLUS – Integrating WileyPLUS into a Canvas Course

This page describes how to pair and integrate a WileyPLUS eText package into a Canvas course.

  1. To integrate a WileyPLUS eText or publisher package into a Canvas course, go to the Canvas course Modules. Add an “external tool” item to a module in which you want to link your WileyPLUS eText, and scroll down the list of available tools until you can select “WileyPLUS” as the tool. (see: how to add items to Modules)adding wileyplus as an available tool in canvas modules
  2. The Canvas add-item dialog box will be replaced with the WileyPLUS selection dialog. Enter the Product ID of your eTextbook and click “Submit.” If you do not know the Product ID, check the WileyPLUS website or contact your Wiley textbook representative.
    prom,pt to enter a wiley product ID
  3. The next screen will display the text you selected. If it is correct, click “Go To WileyPLUS.”
    display of a wiley textbook that matches the input product ID
  4. The next screen will allow you to choose a Deep Integration, which permits you to link individual chapters and activities from your Wiley textbook inside your Canvas Course, or a Basic Integration, which provides only one link out to your eText package on the WileyPLUS website. If you choose Basic Integration, the dialog box will close, and you will see a link to WileyPLUS in your Canvas module.
    screen offering a choice between deep or basic integration
  5. If you choose Deep Integration, the next screen will allow you to choose the first of the tools, assignments, or readings that you wish to add to your Canvas course. Any item you hover over will allow you to “Preview” if desired, and then “Add” it to your Canvas course.
    preview of all Wiley text chapters
    selecting a wiley text chapter to add to course
    Note: You will need to create Assignments on the WileyPLUS website before you can add them via this dialog. You can, however, leave the dialog open while you open the Wiley website in another tab of your browser, create the assignments, and then return to the dialog and load the new assignments immediately by clicking the “Refresh the page” link.
    prompt to add assignments on the wileyplus website
    currently unpopulated list of instructor assignments on wileyplus website
    wileyplus assignment view with a newly added assignment
  6. Once you have added an item from the Wiley selection dialog, you will be returned to the dialog box for adding a new Canvas module item; the Wiley item you chose will appear in the URL and Page Name fields. Make sure the checkbox for “Load in a new tab” is selected and click “Add Item” to add the Wiley item to your Canvas module.
    adding a wiley text chapter to a canvas module
  7. To add readings and assignments to your Canvas course modules via the Deep Integration option, you will need to repeat the steps of adding a new item to a module, selecting “external tool” as the item type, selecting “WileyPLUS” as the tool, and selecting the reading or assignment from the Wiley selection dialog box. This may feel time-consuming, but it allows you great flexibility in choosing exactly where you wish to put each chapter or assignment within your Canvas course.
  8. Note that you will need to re-pair each new Canvas course site with your chosen WileyPLUS content. If you are copying a previously paired Canvas course into your new shall, we recommend that you choose to copy only specific content, and do not select the imported/linked WileyPLUS items. Link fresh copies from your chosen Wiley eText as part of the pairing process to make sure the links are valid in the new Canvas course.