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MyLab – Integrating MyLabs and Mastering into Canvas as an Instructor

This page describes how to pair a Canvas course with a Pearson MyLab & Mastering eText package. Note that the instructor will need to pair each new Canvas course site with the chosen MyLab.

Note: If you copy a Canvas course that was already paired with a MyLab, upon course copy any assignments you may have included in your Canvas course via Grade Sync will still be present in the copy but WILL NOT be connected to your MyLab any more. We recommend that you either delete the copied MyLab items from the new Canvas course or else choose to copy only specific content and do not select those items for copy. Once you have erased the “dead” copies, you can pair your new Canvas course with your chosen MyLab as described below.

  1. Activate MyLab & Mastering in the Canvas course navigation menu by going to Settings, then to the Navigation tab at the top of the page. Find the MyLab and Mastering item and drag it up above the “Drag items here to hide them from students.” message or click on the gear at the right of the item, and then click “Enable”. Don’t forget to click “Save” at the bottom of the page to save the new menu configuration (see: how to re-order a course menu).
    Canvas navigation settings screen
  2. Once MyLab and Mastering appears on the course navigation menu, click on it and then on “Select a MyLab and Mastering product to use with this course.” in the middle of the page. After this, you may be asked to log in with your MyLabs and Mastering username and password.
    MyLabs welcome page with "select a mylab and mastering product to use with this course" highlighted
  3. Once you have logged in, you can create a new MyLab course by using the “Choose from catalog” or “Copy existing course” search boxes. In the “Choose from catalog” box, you can use the “All Disciplines” dropdown to search by topic. To see all of the courses available for a topic, leave the search field blank and click on the magnifying glass. If you are copying an existing course, search by Course ID or click on “Select from My Existing Course List” in the “Copy existing course” box.
    create new mylab course page with options to choose from catalogue or to copy an existing course
  4. Once you have found your course, click “Select.”
    existing course search results page with select button available
  5. In the “Course Type” section, click on the radio button for “Student Course: Use for student enrollment.” After that, complete the “Course Name”, “Description” and “Course Dates” fields then click “Create Course”. If there are multiple sections for which you will use this MyLab course, with separate course sites in Canvas, be sure to check “Allow Copy.”
    creation page for your selected mylab course
  6. This page confirms that you have created the MyLab course. You can now close this tab and go back to Canvas. Note the warning below that states “New courses may take up to 3 hours to create. You will receive an email confirmation when the course is ready.” You will need to wait until the MyLab course is created to finish the pairing process.
    mylab course creation confirmation page
  7. Once you get the notification that your MyLab course is created, click on the MyLab and Mastering link on the Canvas course navigation again to refresh the page. Your MyLab course is now paired and you may now create assignments in MyLabs Activities/Assessment manger, if necessary.
    mylab and mastering courses page
  8. Once your MyLabs and Mastering assignments and/or assessments are created, go to “Grade Sync” at the top of the MyLab & Mastering page in Canvas. Check the items you want to be available in Canvas and click the green “Sync Grades” button.
    mylab grade sync page with options to individually sync different graded items
  9. Your MyLabs assignments and/or assessments will appear in the Assignments tab in Canvas. Drag the MyLabs assignments and/or assessments into the appropriate assignment groups to match your desired organization or grade-weighting. (see how to use an assignment group in a Canvas course)
    canvas assignments page with groups of mylab assignments
  10. To add the MyLabs assignments to your course modules for student access, go to “Modules” in the course navigation menu and the click on the + sign on the top right corner of the selected module. Select the appropriate assignment and/or assessment and click the blue “Add Item” button. (see how to add items to Modules)adding a new mylab assignment to course modules
  1. MyLabs assignments and assessments will automatically appear in the Canvas gradebook, but grades will not update automatically. To update the gradebook as your students complete the assignments and/or  assessments, go to the “Grade Sync” page (see step 8), select the items you want to update, and click on the green “Sync Grades” button. This will insert student grades into your Canvas gradebook.
    canvas gradebook with mylab assignments added