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Cengage – Integrating Cengage & MindTap into a Canvas course

This page describes how to pair a Cengage eText package such as MindTap with your Canvas course.

  1. Activate Cengage in the course navigation by clicking Settings, then clicking the Navigation tab at the top of the page. Find the Cengage item in the list and drag it up above the “Drag items here to hide them from students” notification. Alternatively, you can also click the gear icon next to the Cengage item and then choose Enable. Once you’ve added Cengage to your course navigation, make sure you Save by clicking the blue button at the bottom of the page. (see how to re-order a course menu)
    Using click-and-drag to customize the course navigation menu in the Course Settings
  2. Once Cengage is available in the Canvas course navigation, click on it. From the list of available sources displayed, select the Cengage content you wish to use in your course. If you do not see your content, please contact your Cengage textbook representative.
    Using the Canvas interface to select content from your list of available MindTap material
  3. The first time you connect to a source you will be prompted to create a MindTap course to pair with your Canvas course. There are three options for creating a course:
    • Create a New MindTap course: Start a new course without any customizations.
    • Copy from my existing course: This allows you to copy assignments or customizations from one of your existing MindTap courses.
    • Copy from another instructor’s course: To copy another instructor or course designer’s course you’ll need to enter a Course Key (the other instructor or course designer will provide it).

    Select Create a New MindTap course, then click Continue.

    Using the Canvas interface to connect your Canvas course to a MindTap course

  4. In the MindTap course creation page, enter the course name, course start date, course end date, and your time zone. After filling out all required fields, click Continue.
    Setting up a MindTap course by entering the course name, start and end dates, and time zone.
  5.  If the course is successfully created, you will see a message that you are about to pair MindTap content with your Canvas Course. Click Continue to confirm; this will return you to the source selection page.
    The interface prompting user to continue.
  6. Your chosen source should now display a tag saying that it is linked to your Canvas course. Now that you’ve paired your Canvas course to your MindTap content, you can create links to individual activities in your MindTap content.
    Title: Cengage6 - Description: Using the interface to link MindTap content to a Canvas course.
  7. Clicking on a content item marked as “Linked to Course” will display a list of materials and activities, and allow you to choose which specific activities to link to and which of those should be included in the Canvas gradebook as graded items. Select the checkbox next to each item you wish to include inside your Canvas course.
    Using the interface to link MindTap content to a Canvas course.
  8. Content selected for import will display with a blue highlight for visibility. If you are importing content you want students to engage with but won’t be graded on, be sure to uncheck the ADD TO GRADEBOOK option, highlighted in orange.When you have selected all items you wish to include in your Canvas course, click Confirm Selection at the top of the page. Note: you will not be able to go back and change your selection, after you confirm, unless you un-pair and re-pair the MindTap eText. If you are not yet sure about what items you wish to include, click Exit instead and return to this page later.
    Checking the box next to each item to be linked and checking the box next to those items which need to be added to the Canvas gradebook as graded activities.
  9. The Confirm Selection page will open and display a list of all the content items you selected. When you are ready to finish linking the content, click Save at the bottom of the list.
    List of selected MindTap content shown in a black box with Save button at the top
  10. To view imported MindTap activities, click Assignments in the Canvas course navigation; your imported MindTap assignments will appear here. If you choose, here you can click-and-drag to place assignments into different Assignment Groups to match your desired organization or grade weighting. (see how to use an assignment group in a Canvas course)
    Placing the MindTap content Canvas assignments into Assignment Groups for grading purposes.
  11. MindTap content will also appear in the Canvas Modules page, but is unpublished. Make sure that any content that students need access to is published. This can be toggled by clicking the cloud icon to the right of the activity’s name. (see how to publish/unpublish items)If you choose, you can also click-and-drag activities to place them into different Modules. Placing MindTap content linked to Canvas into their proper modules and making sure items that students need access to are published.
  12. To view MindTap items in the Canvas gradebook, click Grades in the Canvas course navigation. You’ll notice that a gradebook column has been created for any MindTap activity that you imported with ADD TO GRADEBOOK selected. Grades will update as students complete assignments.Verifying in the Canvas gradebook that the MindTap content has been created and is represented by one column per activity.
  13. Note that you will need to re-pair each new Canvas course site with your MindTap eText. If you are copying a previously paired Canvas course into your new shell, we recommend that you choose to copy only specific content, and do not select the imported MindTap items. Import fresh copies from your new MindTap course as part of the pairing process.