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First Day – Faculty Guide

For instructors electing to take part in the First Day™ Inclusive Access Program, please work with your publisher representative or the Rutgers bookstore to be including in First Day and your departmental administrator or school-based registrar to properly code your course in the Rutgers Course Scheduling System.

Course Preparation Timeline

4 – 5 Months Before Class Start

  • Log into MyRutgers campus portal.
  • In the My Apps tab, use the Bookstore Adoptions (AIP) app to formally adopt your textbook.
  • Contact the your Rutgers bookstore manager or your publisher representative to let them know that you would like your course to participate in First Day.

4 – 6 Weeks Before Class Starts

2 Weeks Before Class Starts

  • Ensure messaging is added to your syllabus and Canvas course describing the program and the benefits. (See Sample Student Messaging.)
  • Share the Welcome Email (provided by your Bookstore Manager) with your students.

First Day of Class

  • Let students know about this program that will save them money on their course materials!
  • Ensure students know that they can opt-out within Canvas using the First Day Course Materials link.
  • Direct any student concerns or questions to the Rutgers Campus bookstore or the Barnes & Noble College Customer Care team and provide students the Customer Care Contact Information in this document.

Canvas External Tool Configuration

As an instructor for a First Day™/Inclusive Access course, you will need to add the First Day Course Materials link in Canvas so that students can Opt-Out of the program if they wish, during the Opt-Out period only. If the material is an eTextbook only, students will also be able to access their title at this link.


  1. Log into Canvas with your instructor username and password and navigate to the course that requires the First Day Course Materials link.
  2. Click Settings from the left-hand course navigation. If Settings is not available, make sure that you are in the course as a teacher. Once you are, Settings will appear.
  3. Click the Navigation tab, and scroll down to the hidden items at the bottom of the list.
  4. Look for First Day Course Materials in the list.
  5. Click and hold First Day Course Materials and drag it up to the list of active navigation links.
  6. If the Purchase Course Materials link is an active navigation link, select it and drag it down to the hidden items, to prevent student confusion for this course only.
  7. Click Save.
  8. The First Day Course Materials link will now be available in the left-hand navigation of your course. You may have to refresh your window to see it.
  9. Repeat these steps any additional Canvas course sites that require the First Day Course Materials link.

Setup First Day Course Materials Link Tutorial

First Day™ Faculty Add Course Materials Link – Canvas from Barnes & Noble College on Vimeo.

Sample Student Messaging

To enhance your learning experience and provide affordable access to the right course material, this course is part of an inclusive access model called First Day™. You can easily access the required materials for this course at a discounted price and benefit from single sign-on access with no codes required in Canvas.

Rutgers University will bill you at the discounted price as a course charge for this course.

It is NOT recommended that you Opt-Out, as these materials are required to complete the course. You can choose to Opt-Out on the first day of class, but you will be responsible for purchasing your course materials at the full retail price and access to your materials may be suspended.

For more information and FAQs go to Barnes & Noble Customer Care.

Student Tutorial Videos

Customer Care Contact Information

Customer Care is available 24/7 to help students with questions about accessing their course material, using their eTextbook, or opting-out or in to the First Day program. Be sure to share the below information with your students


Questions? Contact your Bookstore Manager via email or phone at