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First Day – Course Coding Instructions

This page describes how to code a course in the Course Scheduling System to ensure that

  • Courses are created in Canvas.
  • You are enrolled as an instructor in the Canvas course.
  • Students receive notification via the Online Schedule of Classes that there is a Course Materials Charge associated with your course.
  • Enrolled students are charged via their student bill for the course materials associated with your course.


If you have elected to participate in the First Day Inclusive Access Program, sponsored by the Rutgers Bookstore, your course will need to be coded in the Rutgers Course Scheduling System. This task is usually performed by course coordinators or departmental administrators.

Instructor Assignments

  1. Click Add Instructor
  2. Select “IN – Instructor” as the Course Role
  3. Enter the NetID for that Instructor

Print Comments

  1. Enter Print Comment “AI – First Day Course Materials Charge. Go to: for more information” as the first print comment listed.  Comment AI must be the first comment listed to ensure proper billing.
  2. Enter Print Comment “05 – Go to“ in any Print Comment field.

Click Here for Screenshot with Instructions