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Comparison of Synchronous Meeting External Apps

This page provides an at-a-glance comparison of the synchronous meeting external apps available in Canvas.  To learn more about the features, please review documentation listed for each external app.

Conference Types & Capabilities Microsoft Teams Cisco Webex Zoom BigBlueButton
     Format Audio / Video / Sharing Audio / Video / Sharing Audio / Video / Sharing Audio / Video / Sharing
Ad hoc Meetings Meetings Meetings
Events Webinars
Maximum attendees per account type
 Faculty / staff accounts 1,000 / 20,000 1,000 / 3000 500 200
Student accounts 1,000 / 20,000 1,000 / 3000 300 200
     Shared/departmental accounts X X X X
Devices supported
Phone only VC License
Stationary videoconferencing X
Access Features
Account Requirements to host meeting Rutgers Connect and Scarletmail Rutgers Webex Rutgers Zoom Editing role in Canvas
Account Requirement to attend meeting Advanced options Role in Canvas or guest URL Advanced options Role in Canvas or guest URL
Co-teachers as alternate meeting hosts Editable @
Teacher/TA course roles match host/presenter role
Student course role match participant role Advanced options
Rutgers Students are able to create meetings X X Yes (May be limited by school or department)
Students are able to use in Canvas Group sites X X
Non-NetID accounts able to create meetings X X X
Waiting rooms Advanced options Advanced options Advanced options Options
Participant able to join before host? X Advanced options X
Calendar/Scheduling Features
Preschedule Meeting with persistent link X
Office hour scheduler X X X
Scheduled office hours appear on course calendar X X X X
Scheduled meeting appears on course calendar X *
Scheduled meeting information sent to Canvas Inbox X X X
Create recurring meetings Recopy meeting link X
Invite by course group Create differentiated assignment for course group X X or Create a meeting in a Canvas Group site
Invite by course section Create differentiated assignment for course section X X
Invite individual students Create differentiated assignment for  individual students X X
Meeting Features
In-conference chat
Host messages are bolded in chat X X X
Screen sharing
Document / application sharing
Virtual whiteboard shared
Breakout rooms Max 50 Max 100 Max 50 (Chromebooks: N/A) yes (24


Self-Select Breakout Rooms X X X
Extend Breakout Room duration X X X
In-conference polling
Max. number of users on-screen 49 200 49 #
Gallery View of all web cameras
Virtual Backgrounds
Meeting statistics Attendance only Attendance only Non-HIPAA
Shared Notes X X
Recording Features
Cloud recording Non-HIPAA
Local recording on host’s computer X X
Record hidden meeting with no invitees & publish to course X X X
Restrict access to recording X X Must publish recording Only invitees can view recording
Customize Recorded Playback display options X Chat, Q&A, Polling, Participants, Transcripts Recording Views, Transcripts Participant web camera
No limit on cloud recording capacity 0.5 GB/user

Retained for 180 days

Prevent download Only meeting recorder and organizer X
Edit Recordings In Microsoft Stream X
Host Features
Receives host/alternate host meeting notification X X
Attendance assignment/grading X X X
Download attendance report ✔ 
Enforce presentation layout for all participants X X X
Mute participants upon entry X X
Prevent participants from sharing webcams X X
Prevent participants from sharing audio
Prevent participants from using chat X X X
Prevent participants from viewing other names X X Zoom-HIPAA
Learning Dashboard X X X
Participant Features
Receives meeting Invite notification X Office hours only Dependent on user settings
    Emoticons/Status/Raise Hands
Live captioning/transcription Webex Assistant ##
Captioning of recordings X** X** X**
Provider and support site RU only RU and Cisco RU only Canvas/Instructure Support


* Add manually to calendar
# COVID-19 Limitation restricts participants from seeing other participants’ video’
## External service captionist arranged by host or organizational unit
**Upload recordings to Kaltura for caption/transcription creation