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BigBlueButton – Audio/Video Issues

BigBlueButton by Blindside Networks is a web conferencing system designed for online learning. BigBlueButton enables the sharing of audio, slides, chat, video, and desktop applications with students and invited guests.

Audio/Video Issues


For a more detailed tutorial, see the BigBlueButton setting up audio tutorial video.

  • Verify you are using the correct equipment, it is plugged in and selected as the channel to use.
  • Toggle sharing off and on using the headphone icon in the upper left and go through audio wizard again.
  • Select no after audio test to switch to Flash audio.
  • Use the Dial # to connect via phone.


      • To record a conference the box for ‘Enable recording for this conference’ must be checked when creating the conference Note: This only makes it possible to record and does not actually start the recording.
        checking the enable recording box during new conference creation


    • If enable recordings was not checked when creating a conference you can click the gear icon to the right of the conference and select ‘Edit’ to enable recordings.
    • Recording of the conference can be started and stopped by clicking the ‘bullseye’ icon in the top bar of the conference.
      notification that conference can be recorded


  • Recordings will be available after a conference has been concluded and the recording is processed. Processing time varies based on the length of the recording and server load.
  • Recordings can be accessed by clicking the name of the conference under ‘Concluded Conferences’ which will display the length of the recording in hh:mm format and the View button on the right to open the recording in another browser tab.
  • Once opened the recording can be downloaded by right clicking in the recording and selecting ‘Save video as’.
  • Since the recording is hosted on and not Canvas you can also share the url with anyone to view the recording. No login is required.

Additional resources:

Troubleshooting tips

Unable to see an active conference to join

  • Verify that the participant has been invited to the conference.
  • Check to see if the conference is being hosted on a group page instead of the main conferences page.

Unable to do desktop sharing as presenter (Safari and FireFox)

  • Test your Java Applet to ensure you are running the latest version.
  • Install or update Java after testing failure and run test again.
  • Additionally, after updating Java ‘allow’ Java to run in your browser when prompted on web browser screen.

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