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BigBlueButton – How To Share Recorded Conferences

While there is no way, after a BigBlueButton Conference has ended, to add students who were not originally invited to the conference, you can still download the video and upload it in your course, so that all students can see it.

To download the video, first open the recording by going to the Concluded Conferences list, clicking on the Conference title and then clicking on either the little box next to the timestamp or on the “View” button at the far right.

Canvas Conferences page with arrows to identify the recordings link


Once the conference recording is open, right click on the video window and select “Save Video As…”

Right-click to access media menu to "Save video as.."

This will allow you to save the video as an .mp4 file.

Now that you have the video file, you can do one of several things.

  1. If you think you will use this recording in future courses, you can upload it to Kaltura in the “My Media” item in Canvas course navigation, and share it with the class media gallery and/or embed it on a Page.
  2. If you are only using this video for one course, you can upload the video file to a module in your course so that students can access it from there. You can view the Canvas Guide on how to upload a video, or view the brief video demonstration below.

Please note that once your video is uploaded, it will take about 5 minutes for Canvas to process it. During this time, you will see a message that says “Media has been queued for conversion, please try again in a little bit.” Once the video is processed, you will see the video under the download link, posted on the page.

Video added to module and available for inline viewing

In addition, if you want to share the conferences chat with all of the students, then you can simply copy and paste the chat onto a Page and add that to a module.