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Barnes and Noble College Integration for Faculty

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Linking Canvas to FacultyEnlight (1st time cross-over)

The following directions summarize the full Barnes & Noble instructor guide.

  1. Login to Canvas with your faculty credentials.
  2. Choose the course you are teaching from your dashboard.
  3. Edit your course navigation to enable both of the following links:
    • Research & Adopt Course Materials– clicking on this link will open a new window, and prompt you to sign in or create an account with FacultyEnlight.  After first time pairing, every subsequent click from Canvas will not require you to sign in.
    • Purchase Course Materials – clicking this link will take your students to the campus bookstore, and prompt them to sign in or create a bookstore account to purchase course materials.  The course materials you adopted will appear here in all the available formats (new, used, rental, digital).
  4. Click on Research & Adopt Course Materials.
    • You will now be redirected to FacultyEnlight.
  5. Login with your FacultyEnlight username and password, or create a new account.
    • Your course information will auto-populate in FacultyEnlight to match the course you chose in Canvas.
  6. Your Canvas account is now paired with FacultyEnlight.
    • You will not have to login when clicking the Research & Adopt Course Materials link from Canvas in the future.