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ProctorTrack upgrade on August 19, 2019


Rutgers Canvas is pleased to announce that Proctortrack will roll out their new student dashboard to help improve the onboarding and test taking experience. The updated user interface for students and faculty will become available on Monday, August 19, 2019.

Proctortrack is rolling out mobile apps for Android and iOS devices that will allow students to perform actions on a mobile device that were once completed on a desktop computer. The use of mobile apps will be optional by default.

Proctortrack is also releasing browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox with Safari to follow shortly. The ProctorTrack browser extension provide fine-grained control on what is allowed and what is not allowed in a browser during a quiz. It will also automate some of the proctoring steps to improve user experience, including automatically submitting quiz access code, launching Proctortrack in case of any error, and ending proctoring on quiz submission. The browser extensions will also be optional by default.

How does it affect the student experience?

Students will now experience a more intuitive and data-rich dashboard with following useful information:

  • Onboarding profile status
  • Onboarding profile expiration date
  • Proctoring data upload status for all the exams
  • Onboarding scan report

Students will now have the flexibility to use their mobile devices for doing their ID scan or room-scan instead of using a mirror or laptop. Proctortrack plans to continue to enhance the mobile apps to be used for scanning scratch papers or for paper-pencil exams.

If a quiz is configured to use features that are supported only using Proctortrack browser extensions, then students will be prompted to add the Proctortrack extension to their Chrome/Firefox browsers before they are forwarded to the normal proctoring process. Quiz access codes will be auto-submitted once proctoring begins. Depending on the proctoring configurations, the browser may be displayed in full-screen mode. Once the quiz is submitted, the browser will exit its full-screen mode, if needed, and the end proctoring steps will get triggered.

Please review the Canvas Student Guide and FAQs to get more information about the new UI and other changes.

For further support, please contact Proctortrack support anytime at (844) 753-2020 or